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Fitness 19
Main address: 1717 Canton Center Rd. N. 48187 Canton MI
1-623-825-5900, ,
  • 69+8 mobile complaints
  • $7.2K claimed losses
  • $93 average
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Terrible place to be Donn owns the one on 23rd in Okc and did the same thing to me billed me for annual fee and I've never attended and cancelled before date I'm very pissed and do not recommend this whack *** gym for anyone! ! Add comment


  • Oct 17
  • Fitness Centers
  • Cary, North Carolina
  • Cancellation Policy
  • 3
  • 3
  • 657

I cancelled a membership for my 2 daughters on the 17th of september. I was then billed by Fitness 19 on October 16th. When I contacted them I was told that here was a 30 day cancellation policy. And you have to come in person to cancel because you can not do it over the phone. Which means they charge you for another month. Along with that there is a cancellation fee of $10. Then there was a $39... Read more

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  • Oct 10
  • Fitness Centers
  • Gym Child Daycare
  • 216

Fitness 19 neglected to remove an actively bitting child from the daycare and as a result my son spent the day in the doctors after being shook like a dog toy. I went to get him and he was screaming at the door and when asked what's wrong they relied she just started doing that. After further questioning I got no where. Came home and noticed his bad ***. Called to question them and they then... Read more

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  • Oct 08
  • Fitness Centers
  • Poor Gym Conditions
  • 169

This gym is nothing short of a joke. You have 200 people crammed into space suitable enough for 50. The equipment is outdated, much of it on its last leg and I can't begin to describe what I see with these personal trainers. Where do they find these people? These poor people signing up with a health club for the first time taking this kind of could learn more more out of... Read more

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  • Sep 30
  • Fitness Centers
  • Kissimmee, Florida
  • Account Charges
  • 177

After I registered, my first month they charged my account 3 times for the monthly fee, I had to provide bank statements and they credited back 2 of them, then about 4-5 months later they did it twice instead of once, I didn't catch it till way after and was lucky I even caught it, so I quit and they have been sending me text messages for over a year after I'm not even a member anymore. Never go... Read more

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  • Sep 30
  • Fitness Centers
  • Cancelled Membership Charges
  • 1
  • 1
  • 135

I called a couple months ago to cancel my membership and I stopped payment from my bank. I have been receiving phone calls stating that I never signed a form to cancel. Nobody every told me I needed to do this and now they claim I owe my monthly fees. They are threating to take me to Small Claims court. If they had told me from the beginning to go in and sign a form none of this would be... Read more

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  • Sep 25
  • Fitness Centers
  • Bellflower, California
  • Cancelled Membership Charges
  • 163

we cancelled our membership in april, we have been getting charged ever since. I have been trying to get this taken care of for months now I have reached a boiling point. I called last week and was told that they would "research" our cancellation. I was told over the phone that infact my membership was cancelled but they failed to cancelled my husbands. Now that I have proof they have switch the... Read more

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  • Sep 24
  • Fitness Centers
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Gym Owners
  • 107

Ross Hadley and Jo Hadley along with their puppet gayla bustos are manipulating and lie. They don't care about their members or even their employees I've heard. They are driven by greed and don't care about over drafting customers accounts and they wrongfully are charged. I've over heard Ross in his office telling someone I think a trainer to try to get someone that doesn't have much money I'm... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Fitness Centers
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 74

My son joined the gym in Cypress, TX. He was dissatisfied with the service and cancelled after only a couple of weeks. The following month we were billed for another monthly fee and the annual service fee. When I called - They claim he did not cancel. The staff was very rude, and took money from my account after the account was cancelled. They acknowledged that he had not signed in or used... Read more

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  • Sep 07
  • Fitness Centers
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Manager
  • 221

I signed up and tried to cancel before the club opened (like months) I kept getting the run around conveniently til 2 weeks after the club opened . I called everyday and went in once a week. They said the manager could only help me. But yet he was always out I left numerous messages and promises he would call me ...but nothing. Finally their response to me was well you owe 600 bucks and we can't... Read more

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