Personal Trainer at Fitness 19 Woodstock, GA Tore up a Family & Two Little Boys!

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I Found out my husband was having an affair with one of the female trainers...HOLLY RENFRO at Fitness 19 in Woodstock GA...(I only know her name because her business card was floating around the house and his phone was unlocked to see pictures....It's been going on for a year...A YEAR!!

This woman has 2 children of her own....who does this??? What kind of white trash people does this company hire that would do such a thing? I hope the whole world sees this...people like this are not good.... She was living the life...air the best is after she got TWO emails from me telling her to cease all contact...she STILL kept the relationship up until about 2 weeks ago (which my now EX husband said) over or not YOU have ripped my family apart and knew what you were doing from the beginning.

He is just as much to blame. You are 50 years old....Go get your own man YOUR OWN AGE! Whatever you get in life you deserve....Karma is a ***. I only hope no other families get ripped apart like mine did!!!!

I just can't believe that such a reputive company would associate themselves with a person like this. She should not be allowed to work for a company that promotes a healthy way of living.

Is adultery, ripping a family apart & taking "Daddy" away from my boys the healthy way of living that she has promoted?I would think not!

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Feb 17 Troy, Michigan

Maybe you need to look at him not her...or maybe you should have given him sum....

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Feb 13 Palatine, Illinois

This is not in any way remotely related to whether this is a good business or not, and has been reported for irrelevancy.

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Jan 27

Is she a babe? I wasn't planning on getting a gym membership, but now I'm thinking it's a good idea.

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Carolyn Gates

Nov 21, 2014 Macon, Georgia

To ALL of you leaving negative comments about this young lady...DON'T THROW STONES LIVING IN A GLASS HOUSE! !!!!!! I see A LOT of "unsuccessful people" who've posted on here. You see the difference between successful people vs unsuccessful people, successful people compliment others, set goals, FORGIVE OTHERS, operate from a transformational perspective, accept responsibility for their failures and want others to succeed. Unsuccessful people feel a sense of entitlement, operate from a transactional perspective, secretly wants others to fail, criticize (as u all are doing), talk about people, exude anger, fear change, fly by the seat of their pants, horde information and data and say they keep a journal but they really don't. I'm very disappointed in the behavior here shown by "supposedly grown ups" yet most of u cowards are ANONYMOUS, but have the nerve to verbally attack this woman. She is hurt. Should it be displayed here...ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! Yet we ALL have done mean things when we were angry. The difference is she's not hiding behind it. So instead of condemning her try offering words of encouragement...I'm sure we can ALL agree that D.'E.V.I.L. can do without the help of destroying this world with negativity from the comments I've just read. Like the saying goes, "You gotta sweep your own porch off before trying to clean someone else's home...YA DIG!!!!" Best of luck to all of you.
#But *** what do I know, I'm just a multi millionaire who didn't get here by putting
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Nov 08, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia

Re:Holly Renfro Fitness19. All this deffamation of her character is amazing!!
What gives ANYONE the right to JUDGE another human being? Only GOD Almighty has this sole right. As for the Adultery, When my own ex husband impregenated his mistress, even though we had 2 babies at home under the age of 2, My post may have been close if not exact to the rage that you felt. But time heals all wounds & slowly you realize that
Blaming the other woman isnt the reason your marriage vows were ignored. Your partner made the concious decision to commit adultery..thus breaking up your marriage. Further, according to the other posts shown,YOU were the OTHER WOMAN at one time who "broke up the marriage" (his FIRST wife) Did you seriously believe the adultery that you committed wouldnt be acknowledged?? What made your marriage any more valid/true than the 1st wife who was BETRAYED? Nothing. Betrayal is Betrayal.
What if wife #1 supplied your name,job as well as a barrage of insults for the world to see? Im not siding with Ms.Renfro,but Im saying this was a PERSONAL matter that should have been dealt with discreetly. After all you cant undo posting
Something once its out there. Next time,and i hope there isnt a next time..use caution. Truthfully,having survived adultery/betrayal, peronally,it was a blessing in disguise-Im no longer married to someone who didnt value me or our vows. I dont blame the other woman because my ex husband is the one who was deceptive to me as well as
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Feb 16 Carol Stream, Illinois

Sounds like you are trying to justify your own bad behavior. Sorry Charlie, karma still gonna getcha!

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Jul 23, 2014

You ppl are still talking about this old granny trainer. Really?

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Jun 30, 2014 Sacramento, California

This has noting to do with the company, their services or quality. I'm sorry your family took a hit but perhaps if you spent more time communicating with him and less time trying to blame a company for actions that happen everywhere, every day you might have been able to save your marriage.

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Jun 21, 2014 Los Angeles, California

Take care of business at home lady that is why your husband strayed. *** posting about your personal life is irrelevant to Fitness 19.

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May 18, 2014

Sue the B for alienation of affection.Then take the kids on vacation with the money.

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May 17, 2014

First off the anonymous person commenting must be as shady as her. But you Said it best she does have hooks and they will hurt you. Your money will pour like the blood for this gold digger and when there's no more "the guilt card" comes in. It takes two to make over a year work.....truth be told the married boyfriend wasn't even close to putting her name on as the beneficiary.....or getting his ARP card....this is what she's looking for. No one asked her to come back into his life....but Jesus works in amazing ways.....he brought her back only for the married boyfriend to realize he's not the sick one and never think about it again and when her "spot" was blown "ARP" made sure she ended it OR he would end her home with mom....she's not messing that up for anyone. Enjoy!

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May 17, 2014

She has moved on and has her hooks deep in a recent divorcee. Pumppt. Two self absorbed narcissists. Their business should do well.

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May 17, 2014

First of all Lady, Fitness 19 is not going to loose business or a great personal trainer just because YOUR HUSBAND who made vows to you decided to cheat on you and mislead another women yet again! If you want to pull the age card you should check your own maturity for posting all your personal life on "pissedconsumer." Anyone who decides to believe what some strange, vengeful lady decides to say about someone else is ignorant anyways. By posting on here, you are making yourself look ignorant by believing your own lies before knowing ALL the facts. So all in all, this personal trainer at Fitness 19 did not tear your family apart, your husband tore his family apart by going outside his marriage; he made the vows, not her!

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May 04, 2014
Holly Renfro, VP of Training
Holly Renfro is an established Women's Figure Champion. Holly has been competing at different levels since 1984. Holly joins P.U.M.P. Personal Training, LLC has a licensed certified Personal Trainer.
I guess the comment below from "Pumppt" IS HOLLY! WOW! Talk about desperate to save face...disgusting

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Apr 23, 2014 Hackensack, New Jersey

As well, I know all parties involved.. not nice to say that first marriage wasn't a marriage, I guess taking vows in church means nothing to this manipulator!! Maybe he was impulsive(typical) get your facts right on dates, oh happiness, apparently this man will never be happy to hop around like the way he does!! This isn't the first time this has been done to his 2nd wife. Not a different situation, a cheater is a cheater!! FYI there are Tones of people that know from that time frame!! There is only 1 person that has to live with himself knowing the damage he has caused for a lot of people, people like that need to Burn In ***!! God watches over and sees all evil!!

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Apr 23, 2014

How is this company, or any company, to know whether their employees are capable of having adulterous affairs? Don't blame the company, blame the individuals involved. Regarding the person who said they won't renew their membership because this trainer has no morals, well that is just silly. If you don't like this trainer, then don't use her. But you are just spiting yourself (not her) by not renewing your membership. Do you think that trainer cares? Not at all. And I agree with MikeBrady, kinda trashy posting all your dirty laundry here and then apparently getting friend sand family to come her and discuss it.

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Apr 23, 2014

After reading the last comment I can say since I do know all parties involved......the first marriage wasn't a marriage. I'm sure after only 6 months he had a *** good reason for leaving. It wasn't for another women. I think that sleeping dog should be left sleeping. I wouldn't tell anyone my husband left after 6 months. there was no karma involved there. Only happiness. Completely different situation. Besides there's only one person from that time frame that knows of this....real nice.

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Apr 22, 2014 Hackensack, New Jersey

What's funny about this is this is his 2nd marriage, he did this to his first wife, he cheated on her with his current wife, so now the 2nd wife is shocked she got what was coming to her!!!!

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Apr 20, 2014

Sorry to say, but now you know how it feels to be cheated on when you are married, Karma IS A ***!!

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Fitness 19 Member

Apr 20, 2014

I myself have been a member of Fitness 19 for 3 years at the woodstock location and I can say that I wont be renewing my membership there because I do see this woman there often and she has trained me a few times. Good trainer but obviously no MORALS I know who this article is about and I couldn't bear to look at her after reading this. Very sad this woman had to go through this with 2 little ones at home.....and to be contacted twice and to know he had a young family....I just think how can someone like this promote anything positive in anyones life if she is living hers like this??
that has a lot to be said about a persons character and what truely motivates her. disappointing

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