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This is what happened when I tried to cancel my membership. Whatever you decide to do with joining the club is up to you.

Iwas not using my membership due to limited time in my daily schedule. Therefore, I decided to cance my membership. I went in on a Friday to cancel my mebership. As I waited for help at the desk, I noticed an employee playing on his cell phone.

I approached him and asked for help. Then and only then he approached the front desk. I azsked to cancel my membership. He told me to read the sign located on the lower level of the desk which stated cancellations only on Monday-Thursday 11 to 6.

If I can not make it to the gym to cancel at the time stated I need to send a letter stating the authorization for cancellation. He also stated I should send it certified mail. Really? Certified mail?

I asked if he understood his company had several complaints as well as being listed on ripoof.com. He told me he did not like my attitude. (Yes, this was said to a customer). Ileft the gym only to return a few seconds later to find out if my membership card was on file.

he did look in a file and told me it was not there. I told him I never received it nor did anyone call to inform me it was available. He told me why should I give you a membership card if you are going to cancel the membership. I said what if I decide not to?

He said he will make me another one and waive the ten dollar fee. You need to know I was never offered a free trial period for the gym. I was never informed my members card was ready for pick up. The free training session included in the membership...well the trainer kept cancelling the date we set after the frustration of constant cancellation..I said screw it!

The final decision, I sent a certified letter. I am waiting, will they cancel the membership? Or will I have further problems with this company?? You need to know there is a twenty five dollar fee extra for them handling your membership it is an yearly fee.

Also they will tell you there is a one hundred to one hundred dollar fee for enrollment and then ten to twenty dollars a month depending on how many people in your family sign up. There was two of us. I will continue the saga when I have the results of the cancellation.

Best of Luck to you if you decide to join this facility. Here is a hint do not talk to Kyle.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fitness 19 Membership.

Monetary Loss: $325.

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Fitness 19 is bull they are quick to charge you a late fee and then tell you that you have to come inside and sign a cancellation form or a certified letter bs. The staff at the algonquin facility are full of lies.

So yes I did cancel my membership and cost me all together one hundred dollars. So all this free registration they have other hidden fees so beware.

That's why I dont like gyms they have too many hidden fees. So go if you dare.

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