So I moved out of the Los Angeles area abruptly and was unable to cancel my membership 'in person'. I called them and notified them I moved out of the area and needed to cancel my membership, the person on the phone collected my name and membership information and cancelled it...

or so I thought. I then get charged the next month, I call them and they state that you can only cancel in person with them. I stated that somebody collected my information already and said they cancelled it, they advised me that wasn't possible and I needed to do it in person, I stated that I'm not driving all the way to Los Angeles from San Diego to cancel a $9 a month membership. I called my bank and advised them of the fraudulent charge, they couldn't refund me the amount however placed a block on them charging me my monthly fee.

They CHANGED the fee amount and charged me again next month for $19 I believe. I called my bank and advised them and they refunded me that amount and put a general block that wouldn't allow the company to charge my account at all for any amount. I then receive a letter stating I owe them $14, I call them to politely advise them of this situation and that I'm not going to pay them or drive all the way up there to cancel my membership and that I've blocked my account from being charged by them. THEY THEN advise me I can cancel by writing in person, I asked why I was never advised of this any of the previous times I spoke to them, they didn't answer and simply advised that this information was in my contract if I read it.

He repeated this several times. Now I understand if it is in my contract (I haven't read it yet, but I assume it is in there with how firm he was on this matter) then my hands are tied by that, but look at this entire hassle that was created because nobody could simply advise me to write a letter. Also, when I signed up I did go over the contract to check all the fees and make sure everything was in order, I did not review the cancellation section which also wasn't clearly visible or I was clearly advised of, this is because with any big name gym chains like 24 Hour, LA Fitness, Bally's etc. You can pretty much do it online or call their customer service hotline, either way they advise you how to cancel online or direct you to the phone number to cancel.

Fitness 19's website does not do this.

I'm probably going to end up writing the letter just to cover my *** legally on the matter, but this is pretty ridiculous, they made a few months of membership money from me with me even living near them and now I'm sure they'll state I owe them for the payments I blocked. I would happily not pay them and tell them to *** off with this shady business practice and the hassles they've already caused me if I wasn't sure if this went on my credit or not.

I will find out of they can send this to collections and it be placed on my credit, if there is anyway to fight this and them you can be sure I will and I will make sure this whole incident as well as their practices that have created all these problems for all these people on this website along with many other websites is shown to the general public, social media, etc. It is not okay practice business like this regardless of your contracts.

Monetary Loss: $41.

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I urge everyone facing a similar situation in California to look at the following Legal Guide regarding gyms, the right to cancel, and your rights: http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/legal_guides/w-10.shtml

Unfortunately, I ended up having to take the gym to small claims court to recover fees withdrawn from my bank account months after I formally canceled by sending a certified letter to their address. But I was able to use this guide to effectively recover the overcharged membership fees.

Hope everyone finds that helpful, and if you're not in California, hopefully your state has similar laws!

Utica, Michigan, United States #689862

Same problem with the gym in Macomb MI... They even charged a new card, the one on file had expired....is that legal?

Absolutely never using Fitness 19 again...

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