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They over charge monthly rate, they charge each member and extra $19 every year that we are unaware and use it for bonus for owners. If you cancel, they continue to charge and when you call they admit mistake but will NOT refund. HERE IS THE CORPORATE NUMBER AND FAX!

Office - 253-639-1920

Fax- 253-639-1927

This must stop. Everyone should call and complain and finally let members voice their opinions instead of being brushed off. This is illegal and enough is enough. Everyone needs to team up and the consumers need to be heard and refunded any extra payment.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I want my money back that fitness 19 took


Fitness 19 doesn't have a corporate office so those numbers are a fake. The $19 isn't an over charge.

THE FIRST THING YOU SIGN ON YOUR AGREEMENT IS AN ANNUAL. This annual comes out once a year. It can be $49 $19 $29 or $29.95 the amounts change from the years that you signed up. Every member has ones even family add ons.

Cancellations aren't hard to do. Go in to the gym and sign a cancellation form. THE END.

It's not hard. You can't call fax or email a cancellation and that's even mentioned in the agreement you signed.

Riverside, California, United States #934671

that number above is disconnected,

so no number to call

Riverside, California, United States #934663

do they have a corporate email address or something????

cause they dont return calls. or take a month to do.

Mission Viejo, California, United States #928571

what needs to be done is, someone needs to file a class action lawsuit.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #873900

The did the same to me for over a year and then just threatened to beat me up if I didn't leave

Los Angeles, California, United States #724328

I urge everyone facing a similar situation in California to look at the following Legal Guide regarding gyms, the right to cancel, and your rights: http://www.dca.ca.gov/publications/legal_guides/w-10.shtml

Unfortunately, I ended up having to take the gym to small claims court to recover fees withdrawn from my bank account months after I formally canceled by sending a certified letter to their address, and the gym refused to refund the fees. But I was able to use this guide to effectively recover the overcharged membership fees.

Hope everyone finds that helpful, and if you're not in California, hopefully your state has similar laws!

Golden, Colorado, United States #690258

Had the exact same problem - they are trying to charge me over 200.00 - I called to cancel over a year ago and was not advised on the 'in writing' policy. Sure - it may be in the contract...but seriously how about mentioning that WHEN I CALL TO CANCEL?!?

Now they are threatening to send me to collections if I don't pay up. Tried to contact corporate or email someone...no go.


Had the same problem! They sent us a fraudulent charge that we luckily proved to our bank was false.

We talked to everyone at fitness 19 even the bookeeper and they all admitted the charge was wrong. Wouldn't give it back. So we shut down that debit card and got the money back from our bank. Do not give these people your cards or bank account info.

Pay up front. They hire a bunch of college drop outs who can't count do not go there!


They just over charged me $270!!

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