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I Found out my husband was having an affair with one of the female trainers...HOLLY RENFRO at Fitness 19 in Woodstock GA...(I only know her name because her business card was floating around the house and his phone was unlocked to see pictures....It's been going on for a year...A YEAR!!

This woman has 2 children of her own....who does this??? What kind of white trash people does this company hire that would do such a thing? I hope the whole world sees this...people like this are not good.... She was living the life...air fare...gifts...cards...letters....and the best is after she got TWO emails from me telling her to cease all contact...she STILL kept the relationship up until about 2 weeks ago (which my now EX husband said) over or not YOU have ripped my family apart and knew what you were doing from the beginning.

He is just as much to blame. You are 50 years old....Go get your own man YOUR OWN AGE! Whatever you get in life you deserve....Karma is a ***. I only hope no other families get ripped apart like mine did!!!!

I just can't believe that such a reputive company would associate themselves with a person like this. She should not be allowed to work for a company that promotes a healthy way of living.

Is adultery, ripping a family apart & taking "Daddy" away from my boys the healthy way of living that she has promoted?I would think not!

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1220315

Good grief!

Fitness 19 couldn't possibly have known that she was someone who would cheat when they hired her.

Do you think in an interview that is a question that gets asked? And if so, do you think people are honest about it?

You need help.


How exactly were they, fitness 19, to know that would happen… You can't blame them for hiring her. She would've done that wherever she worked with someone else. It's not the gyms fault it's hers and your now ex.


Keeping someone with such low moral standards as a employee can not be good for business. I would not join or continue a membership with a gym that had this type low class staff like this trainer and members like scummy cheater husband. Every machine in that place is likely to be covered in STDS!!!

to Anonymous #1125020

Who would marry a man like that to begin with? Obviously this woman has a flawed moral character...


"Reputive" is not a word.


i'd join and *** her right in the *** with a wife like you too!

Get yo *** outa here.


The actions of one individual have nothing to do with the company as a whole.


I notice this post is old and I'm going to try to keep this short.I've known Holly for almost 10 years; she's in my personal trainer, my mentor and she is the reason I became a personal trainer.

I know her, children, I know her grandchildren & I have a very hard time believing any of this is true she is a cancer survivor and strong Christian.

Wish you the best moving foward


Wow.To post her full name and place of employment is classless and absolutely rude and pathetic.

Where is your husbands name at? He is the only one to blame here. Holly didn't make any vows to you. He did.

Who knows what he told her. But it really doesn't matter because she doesn't owe you a thing.

She didn't marry you, make any legal binding agreement or take any vows, your husband did.Really really sad.


I'm sorry to hear that.I hope that you forgive your husband and the woman ...so that you can heal and move on.

Continue to push forward, I've been there and done that.

Please please for the sake of your own happiness...forgive him and press forward.God loves you :)

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