I been going for 2. Years.

Go there watch the new , work out. One guy tried to say the sound never worked. Then to go from girl to girl annoying them.I know the know he wants to get friendly with them. This has now been an on going issue.

Then why do all the staf have tattoos .What are all the trainer getting out of jail. Two months without bathrooms.Everytime you had to go you went next store. Windows are filthy . Been like that 6 months.Half way up the window you see slime that has been for 6 months.

I see it every day. It's like the big rats in charge.

These are not lies , this is how poorly this place is being run. I dare someone from the company to come out and see how poorly it's being run.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fitness 19 Bathroom Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get real person to run Gym properly and professionall..

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