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I've recently moved from the med center area to the Copperfield area, so I've been looking for a gym to join on this side of town. I have a 24 hr fitness Super Sport membership, but the only 2 Super Sport locations are Midtown and Rice Village by my old house.

The 24 Hour Fitness in Copperfield is super small and not worth the money I pay for Super Sport access. With that being said, I began to look for a club in the Copperfield area. The Fitness 19 on West Rd is fairly close to my new location, so I signed up for a membership. The equipment is a little dated compared to 24hr & Lifetime Fitness, but memberships are cheap and they have enough.

I signed up for a $19 a month deal with no contract. I was told that I was paying my first month up front, and the rest would be drafted out of my account on the 15th of every month. 5 days later, Fitness 19 deducted money from my checking account. I asked for an explanation, because it wasn't the 15th and I had just paid my first month 5 days earlier.

The manager told me I'd paid a prorated amount, and they were charging me the rest. I informed him that this wasn't correct. He then said he needed to find my paperwork for an explanation. After fumbling around in the back for roughly 10 minutes, he found it.

He said that I'd requested that part be paid up front and part be drafted from my account. I explained to him that I'd never requested anything like that. He was fairly confident that I had, although he wasn't present when the contract was being filled out. I tried to explain that I didn't agree to that and wanted to know why the rep would do such a thing; however, he simply kept regurgitating that I'd requested it.

I became irate, and he canceled my membership and promised a refund, which is fine, because I would have anyway. The money that they took out of my account wasn't a large amount, but it was done in a sneaky way. I hate when companies do low brow things like that, and refuse to take ownership. Things like that automatically set off red flags for me.

I've had too many bad experiences. From now on, I'll stay away from the hole in the wall, mom & pop gyms and stick to the ones with proven reputations and billing methods.

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I tried to cancel my membership if many years and was not allowed to driver a letter of cancelllation in person, which is contractual. I had to send it by certified mail or deliver to a manager.

What BS. do not join!


fitness 19 is a scam and needs to be put out of business----NOW!!!!

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